This Instagram Account Captures People Going Crazy For Cherry Blossoms

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Cherry blossom madness

Please note: If you are visiting residential streets, please be kind and remember these are peoples’ homes. Try your best to stay off residential lawns, ensure you pick-up your trash, and do not touch the trees.


Cherry blossoms are everywhere in Metro Vancouver, and so are the people wanting to catch the perfect photo.

And what may be more entertaining than taking photos of these colourful blooms for yourself? Why that’s taking photos of the masses of people posing with them.

A local Instagramer is blowing up on social media by documenting the extremes in which people would go for that perfect shot, and people are loving her commentary, stories and posts.

She happens to live on a cherry blossom hot spot, which is right in front of her house. It provides her a front row seat to those that come each year to take pictures of the beautiful blooms. Although she does not disclose where she lives, people have flocked to the area.

Over the years she sees her normally quiet street get filled with people, and lovingly calls it “Cherry Blossom Madness.”

She documents people that get creative. Capturing the beautiful costumes she sees, the odd ways of taking pictures, and the people that seem to treat her home like a park.

She also does advocate for respecting people’s lawns and the trees.

All in all, it is innocent fun and proving to be as entertaining as seeing the cherry blossoms themselves.

Want to see more photos? You can see the account @cherryblossommadness.



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