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ICBC Reveals Vancouver’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

vancouver most dangerous intersections

Major accidents are not uncommon on the main intersections of Metro Vancouver. Whether it’s trucks colliding with overpasses or drivers veering onto sidewalks, exercising utmost caution is crucial while navigating on the roads these days.

Based on the data collected by ICBC over the past few years, here are the intersections in Vancouver to drive through with extra caution.

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Vancouver’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

ICBC measured the frequency and severity of accidents on Vancouver roads in 2021, and found the following spots to be the most troubling.

  1. Knight Street Bridge – 242 crashes
  2. Boundary Road and Grandview Highway on-ramp – 184 crashes
  3. Iron Worker Memorial Bridge – 132 crashes
  4. Lions Gate Bridge – 123 crashes
  5. Boundary Road and Kingsway Turning Lane – 108 crashes
  6. Granville Street and West 41st Avenue – 93 crashes
  7. Knight Street Bridge and South East Marine Drive Off-Ramp – 86 crashes
  8. Main Street and Terminal Avenue – 85 crashes
  9. Clark and East 1st Avenue on the Grandview Viaduct – 85 crashes
  10. East 41st Avenue and Knight Street – 83 crashes

vancouver most dangerous intersections

When compared to previous years, the top two spots have not changed; however, it has been noted that there have been improvements on some intersections.

This includes the off-ramp at Knight Street Bridge and South East Marine. The intersection received a major upgrade from 2016 to 2018, with updated traffic signals and the elimination of left turns at the intersection. As a result, the number of accidents has dropped dramatically from 263 in 2017.

ICBC noted that the main contributors to fatal crashes are speed, impaired driving, and distractions, with distractions becoming the top reason in 2021.

Since 2020, ICBC has implemented at least 35 more speed cameras at problematic intersections. This includes one at Boundary and Kingsway, the intersection ranked 5th on the list.

most dangerous intersection in metro vancouver
Photo: ICBC

So whether you are a driver or pedestrian, be sure to make an extra note of these intersections while navigating the bustling streets of Vancouver.

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