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ICBC Can Now Revoke Your License If You Don’t Pay Child Support


If you’re behind on child support, ICBC can now take away your driver’s license.

Changes to the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) came into force today, March 1st, 2019.

ICBC can now cancel any parents driver’s license that owes over $3000 in child support.


The amendments, introduced in April 2018, “benefit families needing support by allowing the FMEP to instruct ICBC to now cancel, as well as refuse to renew, the driver’s licence of someone with more than $3,000 in arrears for child or spousal support payments” reads a statement.

This new legislation has created a way to enforce overdue payments and encourage negotiations towards payments.

Previously, the FMEP could only direct the insurance corporation to refuse to renew the driver’s licence of someone with arrears over $3,000, and the effectiveness varied as licences are only renewed every five years.

However, this new act has sparked some controversy within the community, with people stating that ICBC shouldn’t get involved.



Since its inception in 1988, FMEP has disbursed over $4 billion – at a current annual rate of over $210 million per year – to families and children in British Columbia, elsewhere in Canada and across the world.


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