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The Weekend’s Heavy Rain Caused Flooding and Trapped 500 People at B.C. Ski Hill

B.C. Flood traps 500 people

Photo: @TranBC / Twitter

Due to the heavy rain over the weekend, about 500 people have found themselves trapped at a B.C. ski hill.

A mudslide cut off the only road to the Sasquatch Mountain Resort and it could take days before anyone is able to drive on it again.

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Helicopters helped about 250 people evacuate, Sunday, while 80 more are set to leave Monday.

“As of 9:30, 10:00 (Friday) night it was essentially a landslide, with some rubble on the road,” Shelby Lim, director of sales and marketing for the resort, told CTV News. “Since then we’ve seen a couple of trees come down, we also have a major hole in the road.”

It happened after the weekend saw about 100 mm of rain and 80 km/hour winds in the Fraser Valley area. Heavy rainfall washed out a section of the road nearby and cut power to the resort.

Meanwhile, the Cowichan Valley Regional District declared a state of emergency because of the heavy flooding.

Several other roads around the area were closed as well and about 40 homes were evacuated near Harrison Hot Springs when Rockwell Drive washed away.

The heavy B.C. rain also affected services for phone companies, Telus, Rogers and Bell.

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