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Health Canada Has Recalled 50+ Hand Sanitizers From National Stores


Health Canada has expanded its recall of hand sanitizer products across national stores. The list now contains more than 50 products that have used industrial-grade ethanol.

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The agency first announced recalls of hand sanitizer products on June 6th, due to ingredients that are not acceptable for use in sanitizer products in Canada.


Products on the recall list 

  •  Adclean (Technical) – Adfast Canada Inc.
  •  Biogel – Groupe Savon Olympics, Inc.
  •  BioVectra Sanitizer – BioVectra, Inc.
  •  Biovectra Hand Sanitizer – Topical Gelt – BioVectra, Inc.
  •  Clean & Green Hand Sanitizer Gel – Hope, Grace and Healing, DBA HgH Integrative Aromatics
  •  Defend Gel Hand Sanitizer – Corporate Facility Supply, Inc.
  •  Dermogen – Inter Cosmetiques Inc.
  •  Desinfectant Mousseux Pour les Mainsy – Solutions Enviro-Formula, Inc.
  •  eSafe – Groupe Enov, Inc.
  •  Facility Plus Complete Facility Services-Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol – The A&J Power   Group Inc., DBA Facility Plus
  •  Frid + Russell Hand Sanitizer – Green Dolphin Systems Corp.
  •  Gel desinfectant pour les mains – Solutions Enviro-Formula, Inc.
  •  Gentle Hand Sanitizer With Aloe – Angel Cosmoceuticals, Inc.
  •  Germ Eliminator (ethyl acetate) – 677042 Ontario Ltd. (DBA Donview Manufacturing)
  •  Germ Eliminator (methanol) – 677042 Ontario Ltd. (DBA Donview Manufacturing)
  •  Hand Sanitizer – JIS Enterprises Inc. (DBA JIS Specialty Products)
  •  Hand Sanitizer Mano-San – Shifaah Health
  •  Healthcare Plus Sanitizing Hand Ge – The Color Group, Division of Canadian Custom Packaging
  •  Kleen RX Hand Sanitizer Gel, by Spa Dent, Inc.
  •  Manogel (ethyl acetate) – Constant America
  •  Manogel (methanol) – Constant America
  •  KS-Progel Plus – Delta Pharma Inc.
  •  MB Hand Sanitizer – Multi-Blend Ltd.
  •  Purus – Pharmalab, Inc.
  •  Sanatouch – Bio Organic Solutions Corp.
  •  Sanitagel – Jefo Nutrition, Inc.
  •  Septeeze – Les Produits Ultrapro, Inc.
  •  Upstreet Do Gooder Hand Sanitizer 65% – Upstreet Craft Brewing
  •  Upstreet Do Gooder Hand Sanitizer 80% – Upstreet Craft Brewing
  •  Vima-San Hand Sanitizer – Green Dolphin Systems Corp.
  •  Vitalpur – Laboratoire Capillaire Guy Decaux
  •  Aktif Antiseptique instantane pour les mains – Laboratoire Hygienex Inc.
  •  Dash Vapes Hand Sanitizer – DashVapes Inc.
  •  Eltraderm Hand Sanitizer – 70% Ethyl Alcohol – Eltraderm Limited
  •  Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer (ethyl acetate) – Nature’s Own Cosmetic Company Inc.
  •  Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer (methanol) – Nature’s Own Cosmetic Company Inc.
  •  Gel Antiseptique Pour Les Mains – Megalab Inc.
  •  Germzero – Flash Beaute Inc.
  •  Hand Sanitizer – Contract Packaging Distributions Inc.
  •  Hand Sanitizer Alco-San – Crown Chemical Products, Inc.
  •  Hand Sanitizer Desinfectant pour les mains – Walker Emulsions Ltd.
  •  Isogel – Lalema Inc.
  •  Protectenol Hand Sanitizer Liquid – Applied Lubrication Technology
  •  Sanilabs Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol – Sanilabs Inc.
  •  Smart Care – R&D Technical Solutions Ltd.
  •  Tekare Instant Hand Cleanser Gel – TEKPolymer Inc.
  •  Tidol Hand Sanitizer 70% – Tidol Corporation
  •  Vima-San – Crown Chemical Products, Inc.
  •  Walker Emulsions Hand Sanitizer – Walker Emulsions Ltd.
  •  X-Pure Vert-2-Go Gel – Wood Wyant Inc.

Health Canada advises anyone with these products to stop using them immediately and to consult a healthcare professional if they have health concerns. 

Frequent use of these products may lead to dry skin, irritation, upper respiratory system irritation and headaches.

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