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7 Halloween Decorations To Help You Create The Most Haunted House On The Block

halloween decor spider

Halloween is arguably the best time of the year to decorate. Sure Christmas lights are pretty, but there is just something so much more fun about zombies, fake blood, and creepy crawlies that make it all very exciting.

So whether you are creating some spooky vibes for an upcoming Halloween party or updating your home decor, we have you covered with our Amazon finds.

We have rounded up some of the best Halloween decor items available on Amazon now. Take a list, add to cart before October is up.

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Spiders and Webs

halloween decor spider
Photo: Amazon

If you don’t have spiders as part of your decor, are you even decorating for Halloween. These classic spiders and web finds are easy to set up and will definitely add a big impact to any area of your home, inside or out…especially if it’s over 15 ft. tall.

Find both the giant outdoor spider and spider with LED lit web on Amazon.

Ghosts Galore

halloween decor
Photo: Amazon

Nothing quite says “boo” like a classic ghost. In fact, a spooky vibe demands a good ghost in the yard or two. Aside from the the traditional ghost on display, this hanging veil over the doorway cackles when you walk through. And you know what they say, walking through a ghost is bond to give you chills.


halloween decor
Photo: Amazon

There is nothing more scary than something suddenly moving towards you in the dark. This specific glowing zombie will be sure to add something extra to your decor, with glowing eyes and moving parts, it will seem like the Walking Dead is around.

Skeleton Graves

Photo: @sabinamusicrich / Unsplash

This is by far the most versatile Halloween decor, and can be used year after year in different ways. From simply being a pile of bones in an open grave to posing as ghosts in various outfits, you must have one (or more) in your arsenal. It has also been trending on social media to spray paint these guys silver and gold for an extra bit of glamour.

Clown Floor Mat

Photo: Amazon

What Halloween is complete without a scary clown? This floor mat is unique and a perfect way to add more scare into your front entrance. The horrifying Pennywise will be sure to create some terror. Add a few red balloons around and you’re all set. Plus this doesn’t have to be used for only Halloween.

Inflatable Dino

Photo: Amazon

Not everything has to be super scary though. If you have kids or a lot of kids in the area, this is a much friendlier decor option, and it’s still extremely impressive. This fun inflatable dino stands 8-ft and is a fun spin to the popular inflatable dinosaur that people often dress up as. It’s sure to bring a lot of smiles to their face. Plus if you want to buy a couple, your yard can be me a dinosaur graveyard.

Spooky Signs


Photo: Amazon

Final touches are important. Greet guests and trick-or-treaters with these spooky signs, caution tape or posters. Signs like “keep out” or “caution” are classic and easy ways to make a simple area look like a legit crime scene.


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