Chinese Hot Pot King Opening First Canadian Location In BC


The king of hot pot in China is opening its very first Canadian location in BC. HaiDiLao is slated to open late December in Richmond.

Originating in China, this popular chain then expanded to Singapore and the U.S. And it’s about time the beloved hot pot joint made its way to Canada.

It’s taking the place of the old HML Seafood Restaurant spot, just a short walk from the Richmond-Brighouse station.

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The menu is full of fish balls, spicy broths, delicious sliced meats and much, much more.

HaiDiLao is known for more than just its cuisine. It’s also a fun spot to enjoy a meal out. With unique entertainment options, you can expect this spot to also have a variety of board games on hand and their signature noodle dance performance.

HaiDiLao Richmond

When: Opening late December 2018

Where: 5890 No. 3 Road, Suite 200

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