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Widespread Grief After Infamous Grizzly Bear Shot Dead By Hunter In BC

Grizzly Bear

After multiple relocation efforts by conservationists, an infamous grizzly bear was shot dead in British Columbia on September 28th.

The female bruin was relocated from her home West of Calgary to a Northwestern Alberta this summer after she displayed aggressive behaviour toward humans. 

She was notorious for harassing locals near Canmore and had to be moved twice, but efforts were made to keep her alive and well.


That all changed when the bear wandered into BC and was fatally shot by a hunter.

Grizzly Bear Conservation Efforts

Conservationists are particularly distraught by her death because grizzlies are on the endangered species list in Alberta. She was also just coming into her prime reproductive years.

“What is really sad is that we have lost the potential that this grizzly bear represented for the further recovery of the threatened species in Alberta.” said Stephen Legault, a member of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative in an interview with CTV News.

After decades of protest, BC moved to ban the hunting of grizzly bears for trophies this year after the hunting season finishes.

While conservationists are distraught, saying the regulations within the ban are too vague, it is a step toward preserving a species that experiencing an alarming decline.

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