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Giant Xbox One Pops Up In Vancouver

giant xbox

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh wait, it’s a Xbox!?

Many (including gamers) who walked past the intersection of Nelson and Seymour on October 30th were caught off guard by a giant Xbox One.

The larger than life console, which is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide is all apart of Mircrosoft’s latest marketing plan to celebrate the biggest launch in Xbox history. Xbox was also recently in town on its ‘Xbox One Tour’ with 4 decked out trucks allowing gamers a chance to test out the system before it hit stores.

The purpose of the giant Xbox is to encourage the Canadian Xbox Live community to power on and unlock incredible one-of-a-kind experiences and rewards by pledging their gamertags to the project known as One Source. Every gamertag pledged will contribute to unlocking these experiences.

Canadian Xbox fans can pledge with their gamertag to One Source in three ways: either in person at the console, through the Xbox Live Dashboard, or online at www.xbox.ca/onesource. Fans that take part early will have more chances to win great prizes, and as community support grows, fans will continue to unlock unique, immersive experiences, that can only be provided by Xbox.

“With One Source, we are celebrating the launch with our fans in an unprecedented way,” explained Craig Flannagan, Director of Marketing, Xbox, Microsoft Canada. “We are giving the power to our fans to unlock incredible experiences.”

This promotional strategy put in place by sticking a giant Xbox is pretty cool, but will only be effective if gamers actually know what to do to unlock the experiences. There are no signs or messages outside the massive structure but we’re sure the randomness of it will somehow play out to Microsofts overall plan.

Xbox One arrives in stores on November 22, retailing at $499.

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