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Getting Acquainted With A Local, Turned International Model; Courtney Schott

Getting Acquainted With A Local, Turned International Model; Courtney Schott

Courtney Schott, 20, a Maple Ridge local, is making a name for herself worldwide. After landing a modeling contract in China for three months, she came home only to find herself leaving again. However, leaving the country only makes her appreciate the things Vancouver has to offer even more.

After just over a year of modeling, Schott has had many experiences any model would dream of having. She has worked with many amazing designers, photographers and has been spotted on billboard’s internationally. You may have even seen her featured in stores on Vancouver’s own local magazine, Impress.

Schott chats to 604now about the her start in modeling, her future and the love she has for Vancouver.

Getting Acquainted With A Local, Turned International Model; Courtney Schott

How did you get your start in modelling?

One day me and my sister randomly auditioned to walk in Vancouver Fashion Week. Out of about 300 models I got picked! I walked in 18 shows that year. From there, I have had several agencies representing me.


What agency are you currently with and how did you get their start with them?

I am currently with I Model Management. After my last contract in China, a friend of mine recommended them.


You were recently in China. How was the experience?

I was in China for 3 months. It was a life changing experience. I worked so much and met so many people.


What were your days like in China?

Lots and lots of work. If I wasn’t working it was a day full of casting. It was a lot of work. I would either wake up early for a job or wake up early and spend 8 to 12 hours going on castings all over Shanghai.


Before going to China, what was your favourite experience you’ve had through modeling?

I love doing editorial type shoots. It is my favourite part of modeling when I get to become a character.


Since you’ve been home what have you been up to?

I have been catching up with my friends and family. I did a lot of traveling in Western Canada. Sadly, I also broke my arm so that kept me from modeling this summer.


What can we expect next from you?

I am going back to China! I will be represented by Esee in China. They are a top agency there! I am so blessed and excited.


Getting Acquainted With A Local, Turned International Model; Courtney Schott

When you are home, where is your favourite spot to escape when you’re in Vancouver?

I am from the valley so I love going for hikes with my dog (Courtney owns a huge great dane). Golden or Cliff park are both great escapes.

If you have down time, what is your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?

It seems like I always end up at Coal Harbour or Stanley Park. I love the fresh air and the ocean. These spots are the perfect place to relax and read a book.


What are your aspirations over the next few years?

I want to travel and model as much as I can! I would love to work all through Asia then make my way to Europe. I recently got my German passport so that I can work in Europe.


What advice can you give other people who want to start modelling?

Just go for it! Take some pictures of yourself and send them to local agencies. A word of warning though, don’t pick your agency too quickly. Do your research.



Courtney will be in modeling in China for the next 3 to 6 months before returning to her home of Vancouver.



Interview by Megan Renaud

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