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Get Acquainted With A Vancouver Street Brand; Purpose Apparel

Purpose Apparel

What’s your purpose? Vancouver-based street wear brand Purpose Apparel poses the infamous question. The company started in 2009 and is now run and operated by 3 guys who dedicate their apparel and designs to the roads less travelled. Their purposeful apparel represents board sports, Vancouver street wear and identity. Founder, Robbie Kerr, shares the purpose behind Purpose Apparel:

What’s the concept behind Purpose Apparel?

To create a positive message that anyone can find their purpose. I lived a very negative and criminal life until December 25, 2009.  While I was recreating the man I was into a positive person in society, I had to take a good look at what would really make me happy. What would give me a sense of well-being & purpose? I was sitting in my condo one day staring at my draft book when I realized just how passionate I was for fashion and wanting to spread a positive message. During this time I was reminded of being a young man and loving to sew and create new artistic pieces.


Where did the goal of pushing people to find their purpose come from?

When I started creating the first few pieces for Purpose, I was so happy I was vibrating with love and excitement. It doesn’t even feel like work.  That is how you know you found your purpose. It’s just a feeling you get that is like a natural high. I want everyone to feel that. That’s why we spread the message of “find you purpose”


Where do you get inspiration for designs?

I get inspiration for our designs from what I call inspirational shopping. Taking trips to see what is trending and what I feel is missing. What people know us for are our inspirational quotes (“Broken Crayons Still Colour”, “Prove Them Wrong”) that really hit home for people in so many different ways:


Purpose Apparel

Define what street wear should represent:

Street wear should represent a culture of people who are deeply passionate about something.


How do you stand out as a Vancouver-based street wear brand?

Our end goal when we finish a product run is to put out quality designs and products with the hopes of spreading a powerful positive message.


Purpose Apparel

Are three brains better than one or do you guys butt heads a lot?

In our case three brains are better than one because we all know a great deal about three major parts of having a clothing company


Advice for aspiring designers?

What I would say to anyone that has a dream: “There are no short cuts to make it easy. If you vibrate when you are doing it, it’s your purpose. If you give up it wasn’t meant to be”


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Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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