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Geomagnetic Storm Could Hit BC After More Explosions On The Sun

Geomagnetic Storm

Our sun has been extremely volatile as of late, generating numerous solar flares and creating geomagnetic turmoil on our planet.

Following last week’s sizeable geomagnetic storm, The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre announced that there would be a moderate geomagnetic storm in the evening on Wednesday, September 13th. It also noted that there would be a one to look out for on Thursday, September 14th. 


Solar flares look like explosions on the sun’s surface, and they create massive clouds of solar plasma embedded with magnetic field lines. These clouds generate the storms that have been hitting Earth so frequently as of late.

The Effects Of A Geomagnetic Storm

Geomagnetic storms affect everything from satellites to GPS, to your circadian rhythm to even the brightness of the Northern Lights.

While these solar flares do not typically cause a great deal of damage on earth, Gizmodo notes that, “These events also cause radio blackouts, corrosion in pipelines, and ground-induced currents that can damage transformers. Through monitoring and basic research, the goal is to understand what the Sun does and is likely to do so that we can prepare satellites, power grids, and even astronauts.”

Last week’s geomagnetic storms were caused by two solar flares, one of which was the largest in a decade.

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