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NASA Captures Solar Eclipse Footage From Space (Video)

Lunar Eclipse Over Canada

While it was impressive on the ground, a different angle gives an even more amazing perspective of the eclipse.

Footage taken from space of the solar eclipse over Earth from the International Space Station show just how much it darkened the skies. Footage shows the area where the eclipse darkens the sky as it moves across the continent and contrasts with the lighter skies around it.

People came out in droves to view this rare occurrence. Many attended viewing parties, took time off of work, traveled to ideal viewing locations, or simply ran outside in a frenzy at optimal viewing time. Regardless, the celestial event generated a great deal of interest.


This angle shows the extreme juxtaposition of the darkest area moving across the billowing white clouds.

Another angle shows a more artistic view of the astral display. This stunning viewpoint conveys the speed at which the heavens darken as the light of the sun is covered by the moon.

While it was a fantastic show to catch on planet earth, these videos illustrate the magnitude and magnificence of the lunar event.

The next solar eclipse in North America will occur in 2024.

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