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Metro Vancouver Gas Prices Broke Record High Today

Gas Prices

While weekend average prices teetered around $1.53 per litre, Metro Vancouver gas prices broke the record high price for gas today.

The previous record of $1.557 per litre, was nearly met over the past couple of days. Prices were reaching as high as $1.556 per litre, but that figure was beat today.

As of Thursday, March 22nd prices rose to $1.559 per litre, smashing the 2014 record.

Global News spoke to Dan McTeague, an analyst with GadBuddy.com, about the increase. He told them that the average driver could face an annual increase of $700 – $800 to fill up.


National Gas Prices

If prices weren’t already high enough, they could get much worse. If Alberta follows through on its threat to block the shipment of oil to BC, prices could soar to $2 per litre.

And, even if Alberta doesn’t block the shipment, experts predict Vancouver’s prices will soar past $1.60 per litre this April.

On Monday, Edmonton’s average price for gas was only $1.14 per litre. And, while they do have an abundant supply of oil, gas didn’t cost much more in Halifax. There, gas was around $1.12 per litre on the same day.

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