Game Over, Man! Cast Is Loving Vancouver

Game Over, Man! Cast Is Loving Vancouver

Adam, Anders, Blake and Kyle have come a long way since first sharing their wacky sketch-comedy videos on YouTube over a decade ago. Workaholics, their sitcom series on Comedy Central just wrapped up and leaves behind a The Office-like legacy. Individually they’ve also made names for themselves outside their own comedy-world, especially Adam Devine’s recurring guest role on Modern Family or character Bumper in Pitch Perfect movies.

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Now the group of 3 actors and a director take their funny bones to Netflix with the action-comedy film Game Over, Man! They’ve been filming in Vancouver throughout Spring 2017 and are scheduled to wrap up June 5th. Writing and producing partners from Vancouver, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are backing the “Die Hard in a Hotel” plot as producers.

The boys have been enjoying Vancouver:

Canuck if you buck ?????????????????????????

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My dude @andybovine learns to steadi. Big things are happening up here in Vancouver #gameoverman

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I'm really starting to like it here. #canadarulez

A post shared by Kyle (@kylenewacheck) on

Dramaticnessness #gameoverman

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