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Footsteps Into Gangland Available On DVD

Mani Amar is a local director who gives his insight into gang activity within the South Asian community, in his most recent work: Footsteps into Gangland. The film aims to gives us an insight into some of the issues that people within the South Asian community of metro-Vancouver face.

This story focuses around a character named Himit, who moves from his small-town on the Island, to Metro Vancouver. Himit is reacquainted with his childhood friend, who’s goal is to recruit him into his gangster lifestyle by showing him the lavish benefits. Then there’s Mya, a girl who has bounced from family to family within the foster care system, and is abused by her current foster father, which leads her to involving herself in self-destructive behavior to escape her harsh realities. This movie allows us to view a day in the life of these characters, and gives a true perception of how some individuals within our community live their lives.

We can’t control every single aspect of our lives, however we are can take charge of who we want to become. After watching this film, question yourself and think about where your footsteps will lead you.

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Footsteps Into Gangland Official website: www.footstepsintogangland.com

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