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Young Ferrari Driver Caught Speeding Loses License For 16 Months

ferrari impounded

Photo: West Vancouver Police Department

The youth who was caught speeding down the Lion’s Gate Bridge in excess of 210 km/hr faces a much stiffer penalty as he is now losing his keys for nearly a year and a half effective immediately. 

Seeing as this wasn’t the 22-year-old’s first time offence, speeding on that exact bridge, or even having a run in with that specific police officer, it seems only fitting that a stronger penalty would follow.

The officer that pulled him over made the executive decision to opt for a court summons instead of a ticket, as he immediately recognized the young man behind the Ferrari.

The speed limit on the Lion’s Gate Bridge is a modest 60 km/h, which put him a good three times above the speed limit.

The 16-month prohibition follows a lengthier impoundment of his 2015 Ferrari 458 from seven to 60 days.

In addition, a judge could also levy additional penalties against him when he is due to make his court appearance this September.

In British Columbia, speeding in excess of 60 km/h comes with a fine of $483, reckless driving comes with a fine of $368, and a tow with an impoundment comes with a charge of roughly $210.

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