New Transportation Funding May Help Push Surrey to Langley SkyTrain Extension

Surrey Langley SkyTrain

Promise of federal funding may be a win for the Surrey and Langley skytrain extension.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Federal Government will be providing $15 billion over the next eight years for transit projects across Canada. This money is to be used for things like upgrades and transit extensions, as well as infrastructure projects to improve walkways and bike paths. In addition, $3 billion a year would be funded for permanent transit starting in 2026.

Although it is some time away, the plans for the Surrey to Langley skytrain extension can benefit from this.

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Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum recently discussed how new federal funding will help get some local transportation projects up and running. There has been speculation, though not confirmed, that the Surrey to Langley extension could be receiving funding.

McCallum pointed out that the City of Surrey wants to be a green city and has a number of priorities towards that. “This is to make more green initiatives to make cities more green across Canada,” he added.


Photo: TransLink

Shuttle Project Ready For Construction

There are many perceived benefits for the construction of the Surrey to Langley skytrain extension, including commute times. However, it’s evident that these projects take two to three years to plan and another 2-3years to actually build. A timeline that McCallum says works with the Prime Minister’s 2026 time frame.

Major local projects like the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain could benefit from $15-billion in new federal transit funding announced on Wednesday, according to the TransLink Mayors’ Council.

“This is very, very welcome news that we can get this money,” says Mayors’ Council Vice-Chair Jack Froese, the mayor of the Township of Langley. “This will certainly go a long way to help us with that planning. The project has experienced some delays in the past but this funding could make all the difference.

It’s unclear how the money will be allocated to regions across Canada at this time, or when the funding will come in. The federal government has yet to provide a timeline.


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