You’ll Never Forget Your Stay In One Of BC’s Most Eccentric Accommodations

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Accommodations in BC

There are a multitude of hotels to stay in across Canada; however, a few accommodations in BC are are truly unique.

For one, the province has some spectacular terrain, and there’s nothing like a sleepover in mother nature. With that being said, there are also some incredibly diverse offerings in city centres. In fact, some of these places create a completely unique recreation of the wild in the city. What’s more, they are open to groups and families.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, we’ve compiled a list of remarkable accommodations in the province.

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Eccentric Accommodations in BC

Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium / Accommodations in BC

Photo: Vancouver Aquarium

A sleepover at the Greater Vancouver Zoo is spectacular, but there’s nothing like a sleepover at the Vancouver Aquarium. Not only will you fall asleep in front of the sharks, fish and other mesmerizing marine life, but you’ll wake up to a yummy continental breakfast. You’ll also have the chance to explore the Aquarium through a variety of special activities.  For example, you can head into the behind-the-scenes marine lab, where you’ll touch local invertebrates including live sea stars, sea urchins, anemones and more.

Shuswap Houseboats

Accommodations in BC

Photo: Twin Anchors Houseboat Vacations

A vacation on land is nicer, but there’s nothing like relaxing on a beautiful lake. And, this charming accommodation takes the experience right on the water as possible. Forget a room that’s a hop and a skip from the beach – this one is right on the water! Indeed, the Shuswap Lake is perfect for all kinds of aquatic activities, and the Twin Anchors houseboats allow for maximum enjoyment. Some larger boats even have hot tubs and waterslides!

The Domes

Accommodations in BC

Photo: Kootenay Rockies-BC’s Mountain Playground

There are many adorable accommodations scattered across the globe; however, these dome-shaped cottages in the Kootenys will completely melt your heart. For one, they are nestled in some of the most breath-taking landscape known to man: the majestic area is an ideal base from which to explore three incredible Provincial Parks: Valhalla, Kokanee, and Goat Range. With lavender lined walkways and stunning mountain views, it is truly one of the most lovely places to stay.

Yoga Dome On Bowen Island

yoga dome / Accommodations in BC

Photo: Nectar Yoga B&B

This magical yoga dome on Bowen Island grants visitors the opportunity to unwind from their hectic lives. As it completely immerses you in nature, guests feel transported to serenity. They may enjoy private yoga lessons, group classes, guided meditation workshops, liquid detoxes and more. Further, Bowen Island itself is pure magic, with charming shops and activities to fill peaceful afternoons.

Free Spirit Spheres

Accommodations in BC

Photo: Free Spirit Spheres

It may not be for the faint of heart, but these soaring accommodations are completely safe! The handcrafted spheres hang high with the trees, suspended from a web of rope, and completely immerse you in nature. Located in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, these beautiful spheres will transport you into a Fern Gully point of view.

Goldenwood Lodge Teepees

Accommodations in BC

There are many modern takes on camping, such as “glamping,” and then there are more traditional experiences. With that being said, this experience is truly unique, offering a peaceful and quiet retreat into the Rocky Mountains. Located in Golden, each teepee comes with its own picnic table and firepit, for a more comfortable and cozy camping experience.

Greater Vancouver Zoo

Greater Vancouver Zoo / Accommodations in BC

Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

If you’re looking for a truly wild adventure, look no further. The Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove provides guests with the opportunity to observe over 140 species on the park’s 120 acres. The zoo houses giraffes, common elands, black and white ruffed lemurs, hippopotamuses, pythons, tigers, bears, a lynx and many other magnificent animals.

Now, guests may experience an incredible “Night in the Wild,” which is essentially a fun-filled sleepover at the zoo with 19 friends! You are required to bring your own tents, sleeping bags, camping equipment, drinking water, food (Take-out is easy), extra clothing, toiletries, flashlights, matches and charcoal; however, you can’t get any closer to the wildness of the African savannah than this. 

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