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Dr. Henry Is Finally Taking a Break and Will “Experience B.C.” With Her Time Off

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Photo: Justin Kenneth Rowley / Flickr , Province of British Columbia / Flickr

After nearly four months of dealing with a pandemic, Dr. Bonnie Henry is taking a much needed break.

The provincial health officer responded to a question, Thursday, saying she is taking a couple of days off from work for a minor trip.

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“I am not going outside,” she said. “I am experiencing B.C. as we have suggested that others do as well.”


Dr. Henry informed reporters that health officials in B.C. will not hold the next in-person briefing until Tuesday.

She added that there will be others in her place if needed but she is still, “very much available.”

During her daily briefing, Dr. Henry said there were no new deaths related to COVID-19, but she announced 20 new cases. That’s the highest reported over the past two weeks.

There aren’t any new health care outbreaks, but there have been three COVID-19 exposure incidents, which took place at Hotel Belmont and strip clubs, Brandi’s Exotic Show Lounge and No.5 Orange.

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