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Doritos Is Giving Away Rose Bouquets Made From Chips

Doritos Is Giving Away Rose Bouquets Made From Chips

Doritos is offering Vancouverites the ultimate Valentine’s gift, the chance to order a FREE bouquet of tangy ketchup flavored roses. The ketchup flavored Dorito Rose bouquets are aimed at being the perfect Valentine’s gift for a guy, playing on the fact that Valentine’s Day is typically centered on the girl.

The offer will be available for a limited time until Saturday, February 13.

Each order will be hand-delivered to each recipient but only if they live within the chosen delivery zone in the core of Vancouver’s downtown area. The designated delivery area is restricted between Denman and Main streets, as well as Beach Avenue and Coal Harbour.

Each handcrafted bouquet of 12 long stem Dorito roses comes with a complimentary bag of the ketchup flavored Doritos chips since the roses themselves are not meant to be eaten.

Unfortunately due to the high volume of initial orders they are currently out of stock. But don’t be discouraged, the bouquets will be restocked up until the day before Valentine’s Day. As for those outside the delivery area, not to worry, your dreams of sending a Dorito rose bouquet are not over. On the Doritos website, there is a DIY guide that outlines each step to creating your very own rose.

This special limited time offer is only available in Canada, so for once Canadians can look forward to Americans looking to us in a fit of utter jealousy.

On the website, Doritos lovers are also given a printable $1 off coupon for the ketchup flavored bags.



Written by Luisa Alvarez

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