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Divers Pull 219 lbs of Garbage Out of Port Moody’s Sasamat Lake

Divers For Cleaner Lakes and Oceans

Photos: Divers For Cleaner Lakes and Oceans

Volunteer scuba divers managed to pull out 219 lbs of garbage out of Sasamat Lake in Port Moody recently.

The dive occurred Saturday morning and consisted of a team of 4. This particular dive was also the team’s second such dive this year, and is the sixth consecutive year these dives have taken place.

The numbers, reported by the Vancouver Sun, are stunning.

In total, 219 lbs of garbage was pulled out of the lake, which translates to about 99 kgs. That garbage consisted of 220 beer cans, 126 beer bottles, 22 pairs of sunglasses, 7 cellphones, as well as several swimsuits.

Yet while stunning, it’s not exactly surprising.

Nobody will be shocked to hear that people litter at public parks, and this goes double for lakes.

Sasamat Lake in Port Moody, however, has been a particular problem.

“This is the second-most polluted lake that we visit”, said Henry Wang, one of the divers, to the Vancouver Sun. “I’m not really surprised by it anymore.”

Sasamat Lake Port Moody
Photo: @charlesmangnus / Instagram


Leave No Trace

Wang and his friend Jonathan Martin started Divers For Cleaner Lakes and Oceans, and has been taking part in similar dives since 2013.

To date, their team has conducted 95 clean-up dives, which have totaled to over 29,000 lbs of garbage removed.

A fellow member of the team reiterated a similar sentiment as Wang.

“It saddens me”, she said. “It’s 2019. You think we’d know better.”

If you plan on spending any time outdoors, please follow the Leave No Trace set of outdoor ethics.

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