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Fraser Lake In BC Went Without A Grocery Store. Now, There’s No Bank.

Fraser Lake BC British Columbia

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One small BC town lost its only bank and grocery store in a matter of years, proving Fraser Lake is not having the best of luck.

Located just west of Prince George, Fraser Lake, BC is a town of about 1,000 people. They only had one bank up until September, but now they have none.

Its CIBC shut down last month. So for the residents’ banking needs, they must drive about 40 minutes to the next town, Vanderhoof.

“It put a lot of strain on people that have different access issues [like internet] connectivity or who do not drive,” said Mayor Sarrah Storey to Radio West.

CIBC has been shutting its doors in small communities because most people do online banking, they said.

An Integris Credit Union is moving in in February 2020, but will only be open two days a week. And until then, residents will still have to make that drive.

“It’s tough trying to find change in a small town when you have no bank. It’s tough making your deposits”, said Storey.

The credit union said they would install ATMs as soon as possible.


Not a First for Fraser Lake

Fraser Lake lost its only grocery store, SuperValu in June 2016. It has since opened up two grocery stores, but times were tough.

Two years prior to that, the community found itself struggling when a mine, employing more than 350 people, closed in 2014.

The small town heavily relied on mining and forestry.


The town is boosting its tourism, however, taking the claim of “white swan capital of the world.”

The area can boast of 170 lakes within a 50 mile radius and is the temporary home to over 1,000 Trumpeter Swans,” its website says.

The website boasts of its many lakes, variety of fish and hiking trails.

Despite its amenities that seem to come and go, it sure does seem like a beautiful spot.

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