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Dinner In The Sky Is Feeding People 150-feet Above Vancouver

Dinner In The Sky Vancouver

Photo: Dinner In The Sky

Dinner in the sky anyone?

Imagine eating a delicious meal at a communal table, but instead of being on the ground, you’re suspended 150-feet in the air, with a 200-foot-crane. It sounds like an unforgettable dining experience, and not for the faint of heart.


Skydine is a unique dining experience that propels a table full of diners to new heights for the ultimate ‘meal with a view.’


Foodies dig in to their meals all while floating in thin air. Dinner in the sky pushes people to go out of their comfort zones and try an epic new way of dining out, whether it’s with friends, or for a memorable date night.

The idea originated in Belgium a decade ago, by an amusement park company paired with a PR company. It has since inspired over 5,000 similar events in over 40 different countries. This is the first year the event will be held in Vancouver, throughout the entire month of July, 2017. The crane is situated at The Creek Marina, 415 Esplanade W in North Vancouver.


Past events have been held in many major cities, including New York City, Las Vegas and Toronto. All were a major success, with incredible backdrops for a feast.

Guests are strapped into their seats with a harness which will secure them throughout the meal. It’s recommended to use washrooms before going up, but there will be an intermission in between the meal where you will be brought back down to the ground, which only takes about 30-seconds.

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The cost doesn’t come cheap, with lunch and dinner priced between $296 to $343, brunch costing $296 and dinner tickets running between $399 and $919 depending on the package you select. Corporate packages are also available.

Enjoy dinner with a view that literally can’t be beat.

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