Aerial Dining To Lift Foodies 150 Feet Over Vancouver


While one of Vancouver’s notorious and elevated dining spots may be forced to close doors, a new and temporary alternative has diners excited.

Skydine is a unique experience that elevates a table full of diners 150 feet into the city’s skyline using a 200-foot crane.

The idea of eating while floating in the air originates from Belgium where it was first done 10 years ago. Since then, the concept has popped up in Toronto, New York, and permanently in Las Vegas.

Organizers hope to host the sky high event from July 1 to 31, 2017, if it’s approved by the City of Vancouver and receives permits.

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If successful, the crane will be situated in front of BC Place and provide views of South East False Creek.

Photo: Dinner in the Sky

Photo: Dinner in the Sky

The experience will be second to none, and ultimately come with an expensive price tag.

Lunch and dinner will be provided daily for $349 per guest. There will be two lunch sessions per day, and up to four dinner sessions per night. Brunch will be available on Saturday and Sundays for $259 per guest.

A total of 22 guests will be able to eat their meals together during each session.

Before heading up, guests will have the opportunity to use the bathroom before boarding the platform. Half way through the service, the crane will be lowered for a secondary bathroom break or earlier if requested by a guest.

According to organizers, the high price range is primarily due to the insurance and crane rental costs.

To learn more, visit SkyDine’s website.

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