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Deadpool Pumped Over $40 Million Into BC’s Economy

Vancouver Filmed Deadpool Breaks Box Office Records - Deadpool Pumped Over $40 Million Into BC’s Economy

Deadpool Pumped Over $40 Million Into BC’s Economy

Twentieth Century Fox’s “Deadpool” has finally hit the big screen after filming in several locations across British Columbia, and starring Vancouver’s very own Ryan Reynolds as the fictional antihero.

While the movie itself helps take Hollywood North to new heights, recent economic data shows it also helped British Columbia financially by spending over $40 million throughout 58 days of filming in the province.

Some of the production’s key local expenditures included:

  • $19 million in wages for 2,000+ local cast, crew, and extras
  • Over $1 million on location costs;
  • Nearly $815,000 on hotels, catering and restaurants;
  • More than $735,000 on construction; and
  • Nearly $780,000 on transportation, truck and car rentals.

Vendors and businesses across British Columbia were also the recipients of the significant economic boost provided by the film production.

“Vancouver continues to be an attractive and competitive production hub, with outstanding scenery,” said David Starke, Executive Vice President, Physical Production, Twentieth Century Fox. “We were thrilled to shoot in B.C. where we had access to some of the best cast and crew, and a variety of locations that provided the ideal backdrop for so many of the movie’s most exciting scenes.”

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