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Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day In Vancouver

Date Ideas For Valentine's Day In Vancouver

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we had the professionals and our go to gals at The Party Co. give us a list of their favorite and most requested date ideas …

The date ideas have divided the activities up into categories that will fit into a wide range of budgets:


For those of you who want to go all out for your loved one (without cost being a factor!), what could be more romantic than shacking up in a beautiful chalet in Whistler? We have a few other things on our list to make it a weekend to remember!

  • Scandanave Spa – Scandanve Spa has been described as the epitome of relaxation and beauty. Surrounded by trees and mountain views, this spa is a lot more than just an hour or two of relaxation. The Spa allows you to check out from your busy day to day lives, by not allowing any mobile phones and a serious stressor on silence! Whether you choose to just enjoy the Scandinavian baths, or indulge in a couples massage, you along with your partner will leave completely rejuvenated and relaxed. *Packages start at approximately $150 CAD.
  • Hitting the slopes – This may not seem like the most romantic of activities, especially if one or both of you are inexperienced, but its certainly an experience. Being able to try and fail together, is a great experience to be able to share with your partner, and something you’ll both look back on. Things will get bumpy on the slopes, so when you’re both exhausted and achy, head back to wherever youre staying and open up that bottle, you deserve it!
  • Movie and a dinner – This may seem cliché, but there’s something irresistible about walking through Whistler village to Cows for some AH-mazing ice cream! Regarding the dinner portion, Whistler is home to some great restaurants, such as Araxi and Edgewater Lodge. Why not end the night by renting a favourite classic and enjoying a movie in bed?


Now for those who can’t make the treck out to Whistler for a few days, Vancouver can still host an amazing Valentines Day. Why not try a stay-cation? Before heading out together, try to turn off your phones, sneak in a quick couples massage and really enjoy your time with each other. Spend the time to get glammed up and head to a either a favourite restaurant or try a new place! Enjoy each others company within your own city; trust us, you’ll notice things about Vancouver you didn’t quite notice before! Ask for late check in with your hotel so you have an opportunity to sleep in and order room service, it’s okay to be lazy together!  Here’s our top picks for hotels and restaurants:



  1. Rosewood Georgia Hotel – A beautiful, romantic hotel with old world charm
  2. Shangri-La Hotel – Modern and luxury, two of many words to describe this hotel
  3. Fairmont Hotel, Pacific Rim – The Fairmonts are a classic, but if you’re in Vancouver, may as well enjoy it by the water!


  1. Le Crocodile Restaurant
  2. Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar
  3. Blue Water Café and Raw Bar



In our next budget category we have two different options for a fun and interactive Valentines Day!

  • Spend the day trying new things: We’ve helped plan this one a few times in the past and honestly its always a hit! Tailoring the day to the couples needs, spend the day taking part in activities that neither have tried before. Start with a breakfast spot that you’ve both been dying to try or we can definitely recommend something!

Next, ease into the day with an activity such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, or if its weather permitting, hit the Capilano Suspension Bridge! Depending on how you feel around lunch time, grab a quick snack together, at another great place on the bucket list. Seeing as though we’re getting into the late afternoon, we can kick things up a notch! Choose an activity that gets the blood flowing or perhaps will set the mood for the evening. In the past we’ve set up a wine tasting or even go-kart racing! Depending which way you decide to sway, end the evening off with a great meal at a spot you both as a couple haven’t tried. Push the boundaries a bit! Spending the day together trying new things is a great way to create experiences and bring a couple closer together.

  • Raw Canvas: If time isn’t on your side, don’t worry! Our top choice for a combination of everything mentioned above is Raw Canvas, located in Yaletown. Raw Canvas allows guests to eat, drink and paint! You can purchase a canvas (different sizes available), and spend the evening painting together. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro, it’s a judgment free zone, and the crazier the paintings, the better! Again, this option allows for an interactive evening, something that can be easily forgotten in our day to day lives.



In our final budget category, we have two options that take the classic date up a notch!

  • Skating/Dinner: A classic but successful date idea! The Robson Skating Rink is open in Vancouver until the end of February. Why not bundle up and take your partner for a skate in beautiful downtown Vancouver? Sip on some hot chocolate while gliding like pros (or taking a few tumbles!). After sustaining a few bumps and bruises, cozy up for a warm dinner at a classic spot that has some meaning behind it for the both of you. Want to continue the fun? Head to Guilt&Co. for some giant Jenga!
  • VIP Theaters (Coquitlam): Now before you shoot down the idea of a movie theatre, the VIP theatres are more than that. With a full service bar and restaurant, and waiter service until previews, it’s a movie going experience like none other. Cozy up to each other, with some good food and drinks, and enjoy the latest movie on the big screen. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good ol’ cliché! A word of caution however, tickets tend to sell out fast, book ahead to avoid disappointment. Also, the VIP theaters are 19+, sorry minors!


Now if the options above still don’t fit your budget, or isn’t what you’re looking for, here is our final (and favorite) DIY option:

  • Cook dinner, together! Seriously folks, we get so caught up in our busy lives that we really forget to slow it down and spend time with each other. Grab a favorite wine or champagne, some simple ingredients, and work your way through the kitchen together. A tip? Cook with some aphrodisiacs, it’ll really cook it up a notch! To really create the atmosphere for this option, bring home some flowers, tons of tea light candles and some great music. Have the makings for a great bath ready after and you’re set for the night.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to effort. Whether you choose to blow the budget, or take the DIY route, your loved one is going to be thrilled with the effort and time you’ve taken to put together a memorable Valentines Day. It’s about being able to really slow it down and spend that time together, even if it is for just one day.

For those of you lucky ones who are planning on popping the question but want to make it memorable? Contact us at The Party Co., we can be there every (almost) step of the way to make sure when you ask that important question, it goes off without a hitch! You want this to be a memorable and stress free moment for you as well.



Our experienced team has designed and executed proposals as far as Europe! Email us at: [email protected] to set up an appointment. Book soon as spots are filling up fast!

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