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Mysterious Cow Shuts Down Queensborough Bridge In New Westminster (VIDEO)


Photo: Batman Collects / Youtube

No one knows where it was going and no one knows (or will say) where it came, from but the mystery cow that stopped traffic on the weekend made everyone do a double take.  

On Saturday afternoon cars were stopped on the Queensbourough Bridge in New Westminster, drivers were confused, and all of a sudden a bull came running down the road (in the wrong direction).

Moments later, it had successfully crossed the bridge and headed towards Burnaby.

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It was running so fast, some couldn’t tell it what it was.

Mysterious Cow

The initial reports of a loose cow came from Queensbourough residents, reporting it wandering through the neighborhood.

Reactions of those who saw the cow ranged from delighted to perplexed to concerned. One witness said the cow seemed lost. 

One of the motorists on the bridge at the time was able to record a video and uploaded it online to YouTube:

New Westminster Police and Delta Police attended the incident, and eventually the cow’s joy ride came to an end. 

Exact details of the capture are unknown. 

The BC SPCA says the bull was corralled in a New Westminster barn.

New West Animal Services say the cow has been taken in temporarily by a Richmond farmer.


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