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Cougar Prowling New West Streets Killed On Halloween

Cougar Prowling New West Streets Killed On Halloween

via @RoyalCityFamily/Twitter

While Halloween is supposed to be a night of fun and thrills, there’s a limit, and a cougar spotted roaming the streets of New Westminster was close to crossing that line.

Police in New West were called to a residential neighborhood after receiving multiple calls that a large cat was seen prowling the area. Police immediately took to social media to warn city residents about the sighting, and to ensure families kept their pets indoors.

Officers were able to locate the cougar nearby the initial sighting in the 300-block of Alberta Street, and were forced to put it down due to the significant risk it had to the public, and considering many were out and about celebrating Halloween.

Reports indicate that fireworks may have startled the cougar, and forced it to come out of hiding.

Many parents are tipping their hats to the police for removing the potential threat, especially on a night where many children are out trick or treating. Others however are upset, and say the killing is disrespectful to wildlife.

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