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BC Has One Of The Most Desired Airbnbs In Canada + You Can Feed Sheep Outside

hobbit house cob cottage

Escape to the quaint Mayne Island for a romantic weekend getaway or for a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Cob Cottage is an an hour-and-a-half ferry ride from Tsawwassen and then you can find this little slice of a heaven just a ten minute drive away from the terminal.

According to Airbnb, this is also one of their most “wish listed” property in the entire country.

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Hobbit House

The cozy Cob Cottage is nestled on private property and completely immersed in nature. There’s a house nearby where the host lives but the hobbit house is secluded amongst lush trees and wildlife.

You can open your front door to see sheep wandering around and feed them apples from the orchard. Chickens and other farm animals are also lurking around the acreage.

hobbit house
Photo: GlampingHub

What makes the accommodation even more unique is that it’s made from cob—a natural building material that is made from subsoil, water and sometimes lime. Cob houses are fireproof and earthquake-proof.

Plus, they’re just adorable. It looks like something out of a fairytale and that feeling is amplified when you walk through the door.

hobbit house
Photo: GlampingHub

String lights, plants and candles make up the decor in the 650-square-foot space. The rustic and homey touches will make you never want to leave this haven.

It features a double bed, futon, wood-burning stove, reading nook near the fireplace, lots of books, board games and more.

hobbit house cob cottage
Photo: Airbnb

The island also has lots of small-town charm to offer. Explore the serene Japanese garden, lighthouse park and little boutique shops.

It is definitely a popular destination though, so bookings are usually done months in advance. If you want to call this place home for a week or weekend be sure to  plan ahead.


Cob Cottage

Where: Mayne Island, booking through Glamping Hub or Airbnb

Cost: Around $200 per night


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