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Chipotle VS Chronic Tacos: Vancouver’s Top Mexican Food

Chipotle VS Chronic Tacos

When I’m craving a Mexican dining experience, two Vancouver restaurants come to mind. However, I am then burdened with a tough decision. Do I make the trip to downtown Vancouver and indulge in Chipotles? Or, do I head out to Chronic Tacos?

After weighing the pros and cons of each, I have come to determine that both have their perks. Here’s a breakdown of my findings in Chipotle VS Chronic Tacos:

Chipotle VS Chronic Tacos


When comparing food offered at Chronic Tacos that compares to what Chipotle’s offers, Chronic Tacos is clearly more expensive. For example:

  • Chips and salsa: Is $2.10 at Chipotle vs. $2.99 at Chronic Tacos
  • Salads: Are $8.95 at Chipotle vs. $8.99 at Chronic Tacos
  • Tacos: Are $8.95 for three at Chipotle vs. $3.99 for one at Chronic Tacos
  • Burritos: Are $8.95 at Chipotle vs. $8.99 at Chronic Tacos

In most cases this difference is small, so money might not be a significant factor in determining which place to dine. Also, it should be noted that on Mondays you can save a dollar and get a burrito, chips, salsa, and a drink at Chronic Tacos for $10.99, instead of the usual $11.99. A similar combo would cost $12.90 at Chipotle.

 End Result: Chipotle wins! (Except on Mondays!)

Chipotle VS Chronic Tacos

Chips and Salsa:

A Mexican dining experience is certainly not complete unless you begin your meal with chips and salsa.  At both dining facilities the portion given seems to be the same – a few handfuls of chips, and a small container of salsa.

Yet, the taste difference is noticeable. Chronic Taco’s chips are plain, and the salsa is fresh, but lacks a burst of flavor. On the other hand, Chipotles’ chips and salsa doesn’t disappoint! The chips are slightly salted with a hint of lime, and the salsa is both fresh and flavorful!

 End Result: Chipotle wins!

Meal Creation:

A great feature both restaurants have is the ability for you to build the specifics of your meal, as you get to pick some of your ingredients. The staff create your meal right in front of you in an assembly-line like manner, asking you what types of rice, beans, salsa, cheese, lettuce and meat you’d like to include, depending on what you ordered.

 End Result: Tie!

Dine-In Facilities Ambiance:

As Chipotle is still relatively new, their dining facilities are not worn-in. It also seems quite modern, with stainless steel countertops, white walls, and large windows that make it seem very open.

The Chronic Tacos location on West 4th Avenue, was noticeably older. Yet, this didn’t completely ruin the dining experience. It’s just certainly more relaxed and could be a fun hangout.

 End Result: Chipotles!

Portion Size:

Both restaurants offer the same amount of food portions. However, at Chronic Tacos if you are feeling extra hungry, they have a “meal” upgrade option, where in addition to chips and salsa you can get a side of rice and beans!

 End Result: Chronic Tacos wins!


Chipotle VS Chronic Tacos

Food Choices/Types:

Chipotle’s main menu consists of burritos, a burrito bowl, tacos, and a salad. Compared to Chronic Tacos they do offer a larger variety of salsas, and include a tofu option for vegetarians.

Yet, when it comes to food choice Chronic Tacos wins hands-down. They offer a burrito, tacos, and salad similar to Chipotle, and on top of that, they offer additional Mexican cuisine, including taquitos, flautas, tortas and more!

 End Result: Chronic Tacos wins!

Overall Food Quality:

It’s hard to decide which place offers a better meal. Chipotle pushes for natural and organic dining options, giving reassurance to those concerned with eating healthy. Even their choices of drinks include San Pellegrino’s all natural beverages. Their meat is also either marinated in chipotle abodo or braised, making it have an intense flavor.

Chronic Tacos, meals taste similar, but do not offer healthy dining options. However, something must be said about the way they marinate their chicken. Unlike Chipotle it isn’t extremely spicy and is just delicious!

 End Result: Tie!


In the end, through my Chipotle VS Chronic Tacos breakdown, I’ve determined I prefer Chipotle, scoring a 3 compared to Chronic Taco’s 2. Yet I cannot wait to go back to both places! Now it’s up to you to decide: where will you dine?

Written by: Kerri J

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