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CDA Wants British Columbia To Tax Sugary Drinks

CDA Wants British Columbia To Tax Sugary Drinks

B.C. is currently leading the country when it comes to healthy eating, but the Canadian Diabetes Association thinks we can do better.

At a provincial government’s committee meeting earlier this week, association advisers recommended that B.C. should introduce a new tax on sugary drinks to discourage people from consuming the beverages.

Traditional sugar-sweetened beverages including energy drinks, soft drinks, and lemonade would all fall under the sugar tax, which ultimately hopes to reduce the increasing rate of diabetes in Canada.

According to the CDA, the number of Canadians with diabetes has doubled since 2003, and a new person is diagnosed every three minutes. Currently, roughly 10 million Canadians have diabetes or pre-diabetes. The disease reportedly costs Canadians $14 billion in economic costs and health care. The risk is highest in low-income communities, who are also impacted most with the new tax.

When providing examples of the effect, the CDA pointed out that cities within Mexico have applied the tax to sugary drinks, which has ultimately led to a 6% decrease in consumption in 2014 alone.

In addition to reducing sugar consumption, the Canadian Diabetes Association is also working towards better nutrition labels on products, and public education regarding the disease.


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