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More Canadians Are Walking Or Cycling To Work Than Taking Transit

Construction on new bike lane begins

Photo: Spencer Thomas / Flickr

To avoid contracting the virus, more Canadians are now cycling or walking to work rather than taking public transit.

Statistics Canada recently conducted a survey that showed one of the main reasons for the shift is that people have a “fear of contracting the virus.”

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Prior to the pandemic, 75% of workers commuted by private vehicle, while 13% used public transit and 7% walked or cycled.


However, public transit users fell from 13 to 3% of workers in June, which is half of those who walked or biked at 6%.

Of those who previously took transit to work, 34% switched to another mode of transportation. About one-fifth of those who changed transportation modes switched to walking or cycling.

To help lower the risk of transmission, TransLink is making masks mandatory on transit. In addition, Vancouver has implemented new bike lanes for commuters to make cycling more accessible.

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