Canadian Pop Culture: This Week’s Top Moments

Pop Culture
Canadian Pop Culture: This Week’s Top Moments

This week’s edition of Canadian pop culture, we bring you what you need to know about what happened in politics, entertainment, media and general news.

Recreational Weed To Be Legalized In Canada by 2018 Because Canada

This will be history in the making if the federal government’s plans to legalize marijuana for recreational use by July 2018 happens. It’s still a mystery what that will look like for each province, or what this means for how dispensaries will operate. But we could conceivably be picking up recreational marijuana at pharmacies like Shoppers or London Drugs in the not so distant future.

Hamilton Comes to Canada. Nuff Said.


Sure, it’s coming in 2019 and it’ll be a limited run so tickets will be harder to get but who cares – it’s Hamilton! So long as you’re not paying $10,000 for a ticket, you should be fine. Really, at $450 per ticket, it’s a steal. Until then, there’s the soundtrack to console you on repeat as you set the countdown for 2019.

Middle-Aged Man In Toronto Charged With Witchcraft

Not to be confused with the self-proclaimed modern witch, clad with crystals, tarot decks and her coven of fellow witch friends, a middle-aged man in Toronto has been charged with witchcraft after charging a man over 100 grand to remove an evil spirit. Police state that the man, going by the moniker, Master Raghav, was a psychic and astrologer who diagnosed a supernatural spirit to the cause of sickness.

Globe and Mail Columnist Wants to Breastfeed Another Person’s Kid, Story Doesn’t Go Over Well With Readers

If the columnist at Globe and Mail had pitched this idea over to Vice, the controversial content would not have registered for its readers. Unfortunately for Leah McLaren, sharing a story about her desire to breastfeed another person’s baby rubbed readers the wrong way. With some of this country’s finest reporting and breaking news coverage, this column is off-brand content. The paper promptly took it down and although the editors admitted it was accidentally published, the columnist was the lucky one to be gifted with a one week suspension.

#ViaFail Unlimited Travel Promotion For Youths Capped at 1867 Tickets Sold

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, Via Rail offered unlimited travel for Canadians 12-25 with the purchase of $150 cross-country pass. Although Via Rail initially said there was an unlimited number of passes available, two days later the promotion ended with the sale of 1867 tickets. For the 2 people who paid attention during Canadian History in high school, this is another number that’ll be ingrained in memory as the year of Confederation, when Canada became a country. While this wraps up the promotion nicely, many millennials were left with the short end of the stick. Maybe next time the marketing department should communicate what they mean by unlimited.

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