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Canada Is Launching a “Vaccine Passport” Next Month

vaccine passport

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Canada’s vaccination rates have been steadily climbing. So as a result, talk of travelling again has been a hot button topic.

Similar trends are happening globally, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent that those wanting to travel may need to show proof of vaccination to go between countries.

Moving away from fines and mandatory quarantines, the idea of a vaccine passport is starting to take shape, and Canada seems to be moving forward with this idea.

Starting as early as July 2021, a version of a digital vaccine passport will be live on the ArriveCan app.

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About the ArriveCan App

The ArriveCan app can be downloaded or used online. Travellers can submit information before entering Canada as well as your quarantine plans.

CBC has reported that, starting July there will be a chance for travellers to upload a photo of their vaccination proof. This should help going through customs at the borders. They state that this “paves the way for the government to start easing travel restrictions in stages.”

There has also been talks of various versions of vaccine passports or verifications being considered within Canada. For example, Manitoba is rolling out an immunization card after the second dose. In Calgary, an app called PORTpass has been created.

B.C. has not yet announced a version of their own, however ArriveCan is accessible to all Canadians.

As the app will hold private health information, a statement has been released by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada saying, “vaccine passports must be developed and implemented in compliance with applicable privacy laws.”

Needless to say, it seems as though proof of vaccine may be the ticket to travel moving forward.


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