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Canada Ranked First For Freest Country In The World

Canada Day - Canada Named 2nd Best Country In The World - Over 2.4 Million Canadian Voters Turnout For Advance Voting - canada day vancouver 2015 - Canada Ranked First For Freest Country In The World

Canadians should be proud to learn that our nation has ranked as the top country for personal freedom, moving up five spots in the annual global prosperity index by the Legatum Institute.

The Legatum Prosperity Index ranked 142 countries across eight categories: education, safety and security, health, economy, governance, entrepreneurship and opportunity, social capital and personal freedom, and safety and security.

“Canada has risen to first place in the personal freedom sub-index this year, reflecting high scores in measures of tolerance and civil liberties,” states executive director Sian Hansen in the report’s foreword message.

Canada was named as the “freest country in the world,” in the report, as well as the most “tolerant of immigrants globally”. The report states that 92 per cent of Canadians believe the country is a good place for immigrants, and that 94 per cent believe that they have the freedom to choose the course of their life.

Overall, our beloved nation placed sixth in the annual rankings, dropping one spot lower than last year. Canada ranked in the top 10 for 6 of the 8 categories, but was ironically ranked 11th in health, and 15th in entrepreneurship and opportunity.

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