9 Cafes and Bakeries You Can Find Only in Yaletown

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Vancouver’s bustling Yaletown neighbourhood is known as the place to be for happy hours and patio hopping but it’s also the place for bakeries when you’re craving a good cup of coffee and some to-die-for pastries.

These cafes and bakeries are a must and you can find them only in Yaletown.

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Small Victory Bakery


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While this may not be the bakery’s only Vancouver location, the Yaletown store is definitely worth visiting. Their slogan is “great coffee, bread, pastries and more,” which they definitely live up to. You can’t leave here without trying their bite-sized croissants though. Covered in a light coating of cinnamon sugar, these treats are perfect for dunking in your coffee.

Address: 1088 Homer Street, Vancouver

Black Echo Coffee


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Discover this gem tucked away in the Global Atomic Design clothing store inside a heritage building. The secret coffee place is known for its butter roasted espresso that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s so good, it just might turn you into a little bit of a coffee snob.

Address: 1144 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Angus T Bakery and Cafe


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Croissant connoisseurs look no further. Angus T specializes in all things croissants. We’re talking about all the flavours you could ever possibly imagine. Try their double-baked almond, black sesame, earl grey, green tea or chocolate varieties. For a more savoury option, opt for their ham and gruyere, spinach and feta or chicken and tomato croissants.

Address: 1036 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Rocanini Coffee Roasters


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Instagram-worthy lattes anyone? Rocanini has got you covered. It’s a cafe for coffee lovers in the heart of Yaletown with ample seating. Sit inside the cozy space and sip on one of their espresso drinks or assorted teas. As far as eats go, they have plenty of pastries and some great options for lunch to choose from.

Address: 863 Beatty Street, Vancouver


Ganache Patisserie


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Cozy up inside this snug pastry shop crafting classic and sophisticated French-inspired pastries by pastry chef, Peter Fong. And some of their pastries have an Asian twist, like their croissant aux framboises amandes, their financiers, and their fadeleines. No matter what item you choose, one thing is for sure, their unique menu will not disappoint pastry lovers.

Address: 1262 Homer Street, Vancouver

Yaletown Gelato

Yes, they serve more than just gelato. This shop actually whips up some pretty delectable pastries and coffee as well. One of their biggest hits is their Toblerone cookie (I mean, come on). They also bake up an incredible selection of dessert bars, so be sure to check it out when the craving for something sweet kicks in.

Address: 1208 Homer Street #122, Vancouver

Footo Croissant


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Another haven for croissants is Footo. The local bakery whips up tasty (and flaky) croissants from scratch in a range of classic, creative and savoury flavours. They also serve “croffles,” which are everything you never even knew you needed. It’s a hybrid between a croissant and a waffle.

Address: 858 Hamilton Street, Vancouver



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This Artisanal Nano Bakery features some of the freshest pastries you can find in Yaletown. With their puffs and tarts baked only on Wednesdays from noon to five, and cheese tarts and cream puffs baked daily after two, you never know what incredible delight you may find on any given day.

Oh, and don’t worry, they most definitely have what you need to quench your thirst while snacking on something delicious. They brew fresh coffee daily and even have a brand new Ice Dalgona Matcha Latte on the menu!

Address: 1066 Mainland St, Vancouver

Honourable mentions

Sciué Italian Bakery Caffé

This family-owned bakery is all about serving fresh ciabatta bread and decadent cannolis inside an elegant and historic space. Caffeine fiends won’t be able to resist one of their four classic Italian roasted blends. Plus, they serve pizza for breakfast, complete with your choice of toppings (eggs, pancetta, sauteed spinach with mozzarella or feta and their rustic tomato sauce).

Address: 126 Davie Street, Vancouver

La Bottega Di Mangia


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A lot of people flock to this Italian grocer for pasta and pizza. But it also features a great selection of coffee and some incredible baked goods to go along with it. Try their signature cannolo, which consists of a crispy pastry shell and hand-piped ricotta mousse topped off with Sicilian pistachio crumble.

Address: 1155 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver


For more cafes and bakeries in Yaletown, visit the YBIA website.


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