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Local “Learner’s” Driver Fined $1018 for Driving Taped-Up Truck with Wooden Seat

Truck driver caught with Learner's license

Photo: Burnaby RCMP / Twitter

In a routine truck inspection, Burnaby RCMP stopped a commercial truck driver who was holding a Learner’s license.

The driver had forgotten his license, but when cops pulled the person’s name up, they saw the driver only had an L. That means they did the written test, but have not yet passed a driver’s test.

Having a Learner’s license means a supervisor must be in the car with the driver, which was not the case here.

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On top of that, the 11,700 kg truck was breaking several safety violations. Half of its lights were burned out, including headlights, brake lights and turn signals.

The vehicle’s rubber bumper pads were held on by tape, as well.

Burnaby RCMP inspected 116 trucks from February 25-28th. Among that number, 52% were considered unsafe and were taken off the road.

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