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Spice Up Your Night With The Best Burlesque Shows In Vancouver

Burlesque Shows In Vancouver

Photo: Geekenders / Facebook

There are numerous burlesque shows in Vancouver that can spice up any night out in the city.

The shows provide a great alternative to the traditional bar and club scene, and offer great entertainment paired with endless comedy.

Here are the best burlesque shows in Vancouver.

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Burlesque Shows In Vancouver

Kitty Nights Productions


Kitty Nights Productions has been providing dynamic cabaret entertainment with a vintage flair to venues and events in the Vancouver area and beyond since 2008. This production company offers Vegas showgirls and cigarette girls, musical tribute acts, rock tribute shows, elegant classic burlesque performances, burlesque stagette instructional parties and more.

Kitty Nights has also been the GOLD Award Winner for the “Best Burlesque Show” by the Georgia Straight for three straight years (2015, 2016, 2017).




Geekenders is British Columbia’s pre-eminent geeky theatrical and event troupe. Producing ‘nerdlesque’ shows, plays, variety shows, fandom-based parties, and mini conventions. The entertainers host performances in Vancouver and as far as Mission.

What can you expect from any Geekenders show? Original comedy from some of Vancouver’s favourite geeks, nerdlesque, variety acts, performers both seasoned and brand new, singalongs, new and different themes, an original playlist that combines nostalgia, memes, and iconic pop culture anthems, and a lot of new friends.

Upcoming shows include:

  • Uncaped Crusaders: A Batlesque Tribute to the Dark Knight at Rio (February 16)


Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society


Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society is an award winning, critically acclaimed, independent, member-run, not-for-profit organization that works to improve the quality, exposure and accessibility to non-traditional performing arts by producing high quality productions, providing development opportunities to performers and providing resources to the community.

They are a group of hard-working, wacky, fun-loving Burlesque performers, teachers, and general fans who bring the widest possible variety of ways to enjoy and participate in Burlesque to the city of Vancouver.

Screaming Chicken produces a variety of stage shows ranging from the monthly shows Taboo Revue at Wise Hall and Becoming Burlesque Graduations (one or the other each month) to limited-run, critically-acclaimed, full theatre productions such as Shine, Greece does Grease, Terror at Rock Out Beach, and Oliver Fannie.

Upcoming shows include:

  • Ethereal Heartbeat with Ava Lure (February 5, 12 and 19)
  • Afro Burlesk with The Beast of Burlesque: Akynos (February 16 & 17)
  • Clowning Around with Dee Twenty (February 20, 27 & March 6, 13, 20)


Too Fly Productions


Too Fly Productions Society is a group of creative people who support each others’ visions and help their dreams become a reality. No creative pursuit is out of bounds or too ridiculous to realize.

Their projects are a chance for emerging artists to showcase their talents in a supportive environment while nurturing joy for the craft.

Upcoming shows include:

  • Strip-a-Thon (February 17)
  • VAMP: A Supernatural Musical Burlesque (Various dates throughout May)


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