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Where To Find Bubble Tea in Coquitlam

Bubble Tea Coquitlam

Photo: Mr.TinDC / Flickr

Bubble Tea – a Taiwanese classic was once thought a simple fad, has clearly demonstrated it’s not going anywhere. Popping up across the Lower Mainland, here’s the top four to check out when wandering Poco.

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Bubble Tea World Restaurant


Hot food and over the top servings, now we’re talking.

If you weren’t aware this chain came in restaurant form, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Large booths and a menu offering treats from kimchi hot pots to pork intestine noodles. The friendly servers are prompt and polite, providing you with overflowing steins of bubble tea goodness. This is a definite must visit for the dedicated bubble tea lover.

Ninja Bubble Tea


An easy new favorite. Who couldn’t love this place?

Walls decorated with comic book posters, board games on offer and a menu to please the entire clan. The Loco Oreo is necessary to try and don’t be shy, checkout the Ninja Munchables like Scorchin’ Sirracha Poutine or Seaweed Teriyaki Mayo Hot Dogs.


Pearl Fever


Hidden away and a little more intimate; a great place to get away from the crowds. Complete with lower lighting, soft couches and bar stools, there is a very prominent coffee shop vibe. The menu maybe exactly what you would expect, however indulge the sweet tooth by sampling some of the other sugary delicacies.

Jazen Tea (Pho Hoa Noodle Soup)


From the outside Pho Hoa Noodle Soup looks exactly that; a noodle shop. Walk in, quickly you learn there is far more on offer. From a unique menu with speciality flavours like Thai Coconut and Lychee Explosion, plus all the favorite add-ons. Jazen tea is the most affordable and has a takeaway selection like 1 gallon containers and mason jars for the returning guest.

With the Western Plateau mountains surrounding you and Spring well on the way, step out into the sunshine and cool down with some bubble tea.

Everyone has their favorite, what’s your flavour?


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