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The Best Pho Restaurants In Coquitlam

Pho Coquitlam

In a city, notorious for endless rain the popularity of soup should come at no surprise. When the Chowders and the Borschts begin to bore, enlighten all senses with the vivacious flavours of Pho.


Steaming hot beef broth laying on a bed of vermicelli noodles, thinly sliced meats topped with zesty limes and aromatic basil leaf’s. Scattered across Coquitlam these Vietnamese noodle houses are hiding in every corner, here’s a couple of must tries to add to your Coquitlam list.

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Delicious Pho 

Location: 160 Pacific St.

A busy Pho dive for locals at lunch, where simplicity is key. From menu to exterior, you could almost walk passed without realising. Inside, their hot bowls of beefy deliciousness will make you glad you didn’t. If you’re not feeling for Pho, their lemon grass pork and salad rolls are on point.


Pho Holiday

Location: 1054 D Austin Ave.

In addition to their own style of grilled beef, they separate themselves with a variety of extras and alterations. From upsizing to add-on’s like wontons and seafood, tailoring an individual’s needs means all guests are leaving pleased.


Pho Coquitlam
Photo: Jemma Jones / 604 Now

Pho Capital

Location: 341 North Rd.

Local Coquitlam favorite, just near the Lougheed Skytrain. Where they may lack in aesthetic appeal they make up for in the tastes and flavours of broth and splendidly cooked meats. Generous portions, adorability and friendly service is enough to keep coming back. The number 7 is the best go-to.


Pho Phu Thinh

Location: 1175 Johnson St.

Beautifully presented Vietnamese dishes, with a great selection of soups including tasty Pho. Located behind Coquitlam Center, is a no fuss get to the point restaurant with cute and cozy seating, this joint sticks to the basics but doesn’t disappoint.


Pho 99

Location: 228 Schoolhouse St Suite 14.

With several locations across Coquitlam to Vancouver, offers diners consistent menu items with big portions at small prices. As well as a quirky menu that even shows you how to make your own Pho at home. With prompt service this is perfect place for your quick stop fix.



Written by: Jemma Jones

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