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B.C.’s First (And Maybe Only) Tornado Of 2020 Sent A Trampoline Flying (VIDEO)


Photo: Screencap / Keith Harding

On top of dealing with an impending economic recession and a pandemic, Canada just saw its first tornado of 2020.

And while these may be a comparatively common occurrence in some provinces, it was a unique sighting in B.C. 

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On average, there are 0.6 tornadoes recorded in B.C. annually, compared to about 43 across the prairies each year.


Meanwhile, there are zero on the records for Vancouver Island – making it all the more shocking when one appeared in Saanich.

People took to social media to record the event, showing the tornado was so strong, it sent a trampoline flying into the air.

The winds took the trampoline more than 20 feet off the ground, but caused no damage or injuries.

The weather may just be out of sorts, as Environment Canada also called for snow in some parts of southern B.C. this weekend.

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