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British Columbia Has Recorded 25 Earthquakes In The Past Month

British Columbia Has Recorded 25 Earthquakes In The Past Month

The west coast of Vancouver Island was hit with a 5.5 magnitude earthquake this morning at 6:48am, 208 kilometres west of Port Hardy, British Columbia, with a depth of 10 kilometres.

The earthquake occurred in an active area, and was ‘lightly felt’ by residents in Port Hardy. Reports indicate there was no damage, nor is there a tsunami threat.

On the Richter earthquake scale, seismic events that record between 5 and 5.9 in magnitude are ranked as moderate, and don’t pose a serious risk.

While the event was minor, it’s interesting to note that today’s earthquake was one of twenty-five that have occurred in British Columbia within the past month, and one of five within the past week.

According to earthquaketrack, British Columbia has had a series of similar 5.5 earthquakes within the past year, 276 to be exact, with the largest being in Kitimat and measuring in at 6.2.

Should we be worried? Apparently not yet, according to geologists who have been closely monitoring the earthquakes across the province. They point out that over 150 similar earthquake (in size) have occurred in this area over the past 40 years, though only two in 2012 and 2013 were strong enough to be felt.


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