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Blake Griffin Breaks Rogers Arena Shot Clock (Photo + Video)

Blake Griffin Breaks Rogers Arena Shot Clock (Photo + Video)

Photo by 604 Now

The Toronto Raptors squared off against the L.A Clippers Sunday night at Rogers Arena.

Behind The Scenes: Toronto Raptors Visit Vancouver

During the pre-game warm up, All-Star power forward Blake Griffin went up for one of his ritual pre-game dunks and broke the shot-clock sitting on top of the backboard. The arena roared with excitement as the powerhouse gave Vancouver basketball fans a taste of what he’s known for best.

Rogers Arena game operations crew rushed to the court immediately to fix the clock to ensure the game could get underway on time.

The moment was captured in two different angles. In the first, keep your eyes focused between the heads of the commentators and just wait for it..

From the stands:

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