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Best Public Places In Vancouver To Take A Nap According To Google Naps

Best Public Places In Vancouver To Take A Nap According To Google Naps

If you’ve used Google Maps to help you find your way, you’ll love Google Naps, a parody version that serves the purpose of helping you find the best place for a snooze.

Google Naps is a crowd sourced map project designed for letting you know and share the best nap spots in your city. It was designed by two entrepreneurs from the Netherlands as a parody, but also as a cool tool people from all over the world can use.

The site looks and feels exactly like Google Maps and encourages users to mark their favorite outdoor napping spots and briefly describe why it’s ideal. The website launched in March 2014, and since then only a small amount of locals have shared their top snooze spots. We’re hoping Google Naps picks up in Vancouver, especially for the warm summer months.

In the meantime, here are the best current public places in Vancouver to take a nap according to Google Naps:

1. The Field across Burnaby Mountain Secondary
Why: “In the summer a little lie down in the grass here is perfect…”

2. Trout Lake
Why: Nothing quite like lying in the shade in the summer sun.

3. On a bench at Guelph Park
Why: “Because it’s all about being chill.” (in reference to the park being re-named to “Dude Chilling Park”

4. On a bench at Coopers Park
Why: “Beauty park for a nap”


We will be updating this post when more Nap Spots appear on the map, so make sure you bookmark this page!

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