Best Places to Watch a Movie in Vancouver

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Best Places to Watch a Movie in Vancouver

Vancouver has tons of different movie theaters. It can be hard to know which is right for you. Whether you’re looking for an independent film or something a little more commercial, this list will help you decide where to go!

Best Places to Watch a Movie in Vancouver

Scotiabank Theater Vancouver is located at 900 Burrard Street. Since it’s so centrally located, this movie theater is one of the most popular in Vancouver. They have tons of different options for food inside the theater, such as frozen yogurt, pizza, hot dogs, and even bubble tea. The theater plays all the top Hollywood Blockbusters.


Fifth Avenue Cinemas is located at 2110 Burrard Street. The movie selection at this theater is a little more indie than others in the city. If you’re looking for a movie that isn’t being played at more commercial theaters, you can bet it’ll be played here. With a smaller, less crowed theater and great movie snacks, this could quickly become your go to movie theater.


Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas is located at 88 West Pender Street. This theater is up on the third floor of the International Village Mall, right across from a food court where you have many choices of different cuisines. They show a great mix of Hollywood, indie, and foreign films.


Rio Theater is located at 1660 East Broadway Street. This theater shows both feature films and independent film screenings. They also play older movies on Friday nights. Everyone that goes to this theater always has a great experience, no matter what movie they see. With great movies and inexpensive popcorn, what could go wrong?


Dunbar Theater is located at 4555 Dunbar Street. This theater may only have one screen, but it’s still worth it to go. This little neighbourhood theater offers comfortable seats, delicious popcorn, and affordable ticket prices. Everyone agrees that this theater offers the best nostalgic experience.


SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas is located at 4700 Kingsway Avenue, inside Metrotown. They show all the top Hollywood blockbusters. As for concession, they offer Starbucks, TCBY, and Panago Pizza. If you arrive early for your movie, you could also check out Metrotown’s food court.


Vancity Theater is located at 1181 Seymour Street. If you’re looking for something other than commercial releases, this is the movie theater for you. They play mostly foreign films from all over the world. They also have comfortable seats and lots of legroom. The theater sells all kinds of concession foods, and even beer and wine!


What are your favourite movie theaters? Let us know in the comments!


Best Places to Watch a Movie in Vancouver guide by Anna Ward
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    I thought they were going to build a new theatre that was much more grande and exciting in Vancouver somewhere.