Best Late Night Coffee Shops in Vancouver

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Best Late Night Coffee Shops in Vancouver

Fall is a beautiful season.

It’s sweater weather at its finest: scarves build layers on the necks of bustling students who are just trying to make it through yet another tough semester.

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If you’re looking for a cozy nook that pours up a warm cup of coffee at all hours of the night (to accommodate for your extreme procrastination or last-minute exam cramming), we’ve got your back.

Or should we say, mouth?

Here are the best late night coffee shops in Vancouver to get your caffeine fix, plus a whole lot more.

24-Hour Coffee Shops Vancouver, late night coffee shops

Breka Bakery & Cafe/ Facebook

Breka Bakery | 818 Bute St. | 855 Davie St. | 6533 Fraser St.

A 24/7 love story. Breka is seriously good. And with never-sleep service at all three locations, you’ll wish you could pay them rent and set up a bed there, too. Breka serves up absolutely perfect scone – the White Chocolate Scone is our favourite – and their coffee is always steamed just the way you like it.

24-Hour Coffee Shops Vancouver, late night coffee shops

Foodaholic M./ Yelp

Calhoun’s Bakery | 3035 Broadway

Creativity never sleeps. So why should you? Calhoun’s offers 24-hour service to keep your mind awake for all of your little projects. They whip up a delicious breakfast, with a Mexican twist. Daily specials, precious desserts and even beer on tap! Calhoun’s is so much more than just a bakery. Try their version of a Chai Tea Latte – the spicy aroma will shock your tongue.

24-Hour Coffee Shops Vancouver, late night coffee shops

Duffin’s Donuts/ Facebook

Duffin’s Donuts | 1391 East 41st Street

An iconic Vancouver restaurant that easily makes our list, not only for their delectable donuts. Duffin’s is open 24/7 too, which makes them a great alternative to your quick Tim Horton’s hit. Wifi: Check. Tasty food of all sorts: Double check! Come for the donuts and coffee, but stick around for their Fried Chicken. Sounds random, we know. Yet, it’s dubbed one of the best in town.

24-Hour Coffee Shops Vancouver, late night coffee shops

Siegel’s Bagels/ Facebook

Siegel’s Bagels | 1883 Cornwall Avenue

If you find yourself wandering aimlessly around Kits at 3am looking for a coffee and something to munch, this is the joint for you. Siegel’s Bagels (try saying that ten times fast) has been baking up bagels for over 25 years and is a staple place to enjoy a late night snack. Their brick fire over may be the secret to their unbelievable flavour. Try the Rosemary Rocksalt Bagel with cream cheese.

24-Hour Coffee Shops Vancouver, late night coffee shops

Lucy’s Eastside Diner/ Facebook

Lucy’s Eastside Diner | 2708 Main Street

This isn’t the first time we’ve recommended Lucy’s. The diner has a vintage atmosphere and whips up a mean milkshake – booze infused, too. Open 24-hours per day to cater to all of your personalities, Lucy’s will soon be the “Central Perk” amongst you and your friends. Definitely order up the Pulled Pork Pancakes.

These are just five of our hot picks for late night coffee shops in Vancouver What’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • These guys are good

    Unfortunately, Calhouns is now closed