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10 Best Coffee Shops In Vancouver According To Two Caffeine Fiends

Coffee Shops Vancouver

Photo: Nathan Dumlao

The search for the perfect cup of coffee (and the best atmosphere to enjoy it in) could be an impossible task, especially with the abundance of coffee shops we have here in Vancouver.

But it’s something two best friends decided to make their personal mission. Retired teachers Theresa McNicholl and Kathy O’Sullivan know a thing or two about grading papers; or in this case—coffee shops.

These Vancouverites have visited and reviewed over 380 coffee shops around the city over the span of 15 years, meeting at least once per week.

They’ve unveiled some of their favourite spots on their blog—which they judge based on five qualities: coffee, tea, baked goods, ambience, and service.

Here are 10 of their best-reviewed spots.

Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver

Artistry Coffee Shop

best coffee shops in vancouver
Photo: @artistrycoffeeshop / Instagram

Nabbing the top spot on their list, this hidden gem has delicious coffee, tea and mouthwatering pastries. According to the local caffeine experts; it also has “outstanding service.” Check them out for yourself at 2959 West 4th Avenue.

Butter Baked Goods

When butter is in the name—you know it’s going to be good. But the two best friends describe it best: “beautiful, appealing and peaceful.” The ambience is key here—but the pastries will keep you coming back for more. It’s located at 4907 Mackenzie Street.

Cafe Calabria

A taste of Italy on the Drive. This hotspot features some of the best coffee and tea in town. But its deli and bakery selections really set it apart from other shops. And, according to their review—it also gets an A+ for service. Get your fill at 1745 Commercial Drive.


While it’s more of a restaurant—it does make for a fancy coffee meet. Step up your cafe game and head to this trendy hideout with excellent coffee, tea, waffles and elegant decor. Find it at 568 Beatty Street.


best coffee shops in vancouver
Photo: @food_with_howie / Instagram

A quaint Kerrisdale shop specializing in Honolulu coffee. They call it the “perfect Saturday morning cafe experience.” It has it all, from coffee and tea to pastries and impeccable service. Grab a seat at 2098 West 41st Avenue.

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Cafe Lokal

Fresh is best and that’s what this shop has to offer. Dig into delicious muffins and a hot cup of coffee that will give you that morning pick-me-up. The friendly service will also make you feel right at home and comfortable. Check it out 2610 West 4th Avenue.


Come for the views and stay for the coffee. The Columbia Street & 8th Avenue location offers up mountain views and a seemingly endless array of coffee blends. And the teachers say this is the best spot to impress guests from out of town.

Porto Cafe

Another gem of a coffee shop featuring serene mountain and skyline views, good coffee and outstanding baked goods. This place has got it all. Give it a visit and experience it for yourself at 2207 Cambie Street.

Small Victory Bakery

best coffee shops in vancouver
Photo: @foodcomaislife / Instagram

Hit up Yaletown to find this trendy cafe full of personality. They whip up some of the best coffee and tea the city has to offer and there’s even milk and cream available on tap. What more could you want? Stop by 1088 Homer Street to give it a try.

Thomas Haas

The fabulous chocolate shop also knows how to make a good cup of coffee. Get your caffeine boost and then sample some of their decadent chocolates—because; how can you not? Grab a seat at 2539 West Broadway Street.

For more places to eat and drink, check out our Food section.


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