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Where To Get The Best Bubble Tea In Metro Vancouver (According To Local Foodies)

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Bubble tea has been brewing a storm all around Metro Vancouver. Whether you are a seasoned bubble tea drinker or just simply trying to figure out where to even begin, the question of where to get the best bubble tea in the region still remains.

So, of course, we had to ask local bubble tea experts and they spilled the tea.

Exposure Drink + Social House


Recommended by: Sylvia (@food.thyme)

What they had to say about it: Brown sugar is one of the latest bubble tea trends to hit Vancouver and Exposure definitely serves one of the best. Their Devil’s Milk Tea features tapioca that are cooked in brown sugar until they’re perfectly soft and chewy with rich caramel flavour. The pearls are then topped with high-quality milk from Avalon Dairy.

Where to get it:  At 2 locations in Richmond and Vancouver:

  • Richmond: 130 4600 No.3 Rd
  • Vancouver: 706 Commercial Drive (currently undergoing renovation)


Onezo Tapioca


Recommended by: Howard (@food_with_howie)

What they had to say about it: My favourite drink from them is the brown sugar oolong tea. It has a strong toasty tea taste mixed in with a subtle brown sugar milk taste. What makes this place so special is that their pearls are made fresh in-store daily.

Where to get it: 4929 Kingsway in Burnaby

Taan Char


Recommended by: Athena (@athenasweets)

What they had to say about it: If you’re craving fruit tea, then you have to check this place out. This independent bubble tea shop is known for their fresh fruit teas and adorable cups, which are not too sweet and full of fresh fruit flavour. My personal favourite is the Mango Green Tea with cheese cream and pearls. With its strong green tea taste, refreshing mango pieces, the light and sweet drink contrasts perfectly with the rich, salty cheese cream.

Where to get it: At 2 locations in Vancouver and Burnaby:

  • Vancouver: 7908 Granville St
  • Burnaby: 1696-4500 Kingsway

T’s Home


Recommended by:  @vanfoodventure

What they had to say about it: This spot is well known for their signature fresh fruit soda teas, but did you know they also offer a selection of bubble/milk teas? One of their newer creations I’ve tried was the More More Tea. It features fresh milk and brown sugar pearls, finished off with a layer of caramel burnt cream on top. The creme brulee-like layer added a creamy kick to the drink, enhancing its taste and richness. The brown-sugar flavoured pearls were soft and chewy. Amidst the plethora of bubble tea shops that I visited of late for the brown sugar drinks, the More More Tea was one of the more memorable and well-liked ones. The More More Tea is available daily (except Tuesdays), from 2:30 pm to closing time.    

Where to get it: 5318 Grimmer St in Burnaby


Mr. Chu Tea & Coffee

Recommended by: Caleb & Nerissa (@forkthatdish)

What they had to say about it: Mr. Chu is by far our favourite bubble tea place in Metro Vancouver and is completely worth the drive from Vancouver. Their brown sugar pearl latte is our favourite one to date, with of its delectable creamy flavour. Their pearls are just perfect in texture and the drink is priced very reasonably.

Where to get it: 15216 Pacific Ave in White Rock

Sweet Memory

Recommended by: Sam (@blogoodies)

What they had to say about it: If you like jasmine tea and jasmine jelly as much as I do… you need to visit here. Their signature jasmine jelly drink is my absolute favourite. Their pearls are also super chewy so remember to add that!

Where to get it: 8080 Leslie Rd #130 in Richmond

Comebuy Bubble Tea


Recommended by:  Victor (@foodvictory)

What they had to say about it: Comebuy specializes in all sorts of drinks, including bubble tea. With a large variety of options that are also budget-friendly, you should give it a try! Their passion fruit blast with basil seeds is my favourite when I need a light refresher that is not too sweet.

Where to get it: At 2 locations in Vancouver and Burnaby:

  • Vancouver: 5335 West Blvd
  • Burnaby: 1610 – 4500 Kingsway

Bobii Frutii  


Recommended by: Melody (@blackholetummy)

What they had to say about it:  If you’re all about chewy pearls, you’ll LOVE Bobii Fruitii’s creative creations. The chain originating from Taiwan promises to use top quality ingredients; the thoughtful execution is reflected through the drinks’ beautiful presentation and impeccable flavours. Definitely try the Uji Snow!

Where to get it: 157-4800 No 3 Rd in Richmond


Which ones have you tried and which ones will you be trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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