8 of the Best Amazon Halloween Costumes Of 2021 You Should Order Now

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2021 Halloween Costume

With Halloween around the corner, do you know what you are going to be yet?

As always there are a number of new ideas that are very ‘2021’ and are bound to get some nods of approval. These inspired costumes are also a great way to look back at some of the things that happened over the year. From TV shows, movies, pop culture big moments to trending memes, there is no shortage of keeping things entertaining on the dress-up front.

We have rounded up some top Halloween costumes that you can order on Amazon that are still available for those dressing up. However, remember though to place your order quickly if you want it to arrive before Halloween.


Top 2021 Halloween Costumes

Squid Game

Photo: Netflix

Recently made popular by viral videos about dalgona candy and “red light green light” games, the Netflix series “Squid Game” has really taken off. There isn’t a day that can go by without seeing some social media post eluding to this Korean thriller. You and your friends could have a great time dressing up and playing some less deadly games this Halloween Season.

Get it on Amazon: Dress up as one of the players by grabbing this jumpsuit!

Space Jam

summer movies

Photo: Space Jam: A New Legacy / imdb

One of the blockbusters of the year has to be Space Jam The New Odyssey. Features basketball icon Lebron James and of course all of the Warner Brothers toons. The remake took a more updated approach to the tale, having the beasts vs. toons showdown in a video game.

Get it on Amazon: Show your love of the movie with your own Space Jam jersey, this also works great as a couples or group costume.

Tiger King

halloween costumes amazon

Photo: Netflix

Who could forget the Tiger King phase in all of our lives. Although it came out last year, this Netflix documentary was kind of like a train-wreck, one you couldn’t help but watch and it created a world of hilarious memes. It has recently been announced that season 2 will soon be in the works, and what better way to celebrate than to dress up as Tiger King himself plus maybe a tiger or two.

Get it on Amazon: Dress up like Joe Exotic and add on some additional accessories and complete the look.

Cruella De Vil

Photo: Imdb

Dress up as the favourite villian of the year. This year’s take on 101 Dalmations showed Cruella’s side of the story, and people were obsessed! The trending costume with dalmations are sure to be a hit at any event you show up at.

Get it on Amazon: Grab a fabulous Cruella dress and  make sure to top it off with the the 2 toned wig. And because Cruella is a fashionista, you have a few looks to choose from.

Free Guy

2021 Halloween Costume

Photo: Imdb

Who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds, and more so who didn’t love the concept of him in Free Guy this year? Free Guy lives his life as a bank teller until he realizes he lives in a video game as a non-player character. The movie has taken off and fans are loving the whole look. The blue shirt guy must be one of the easiest costume to pull off this year. But remember, it only works if you’re extra nice as well.

Get it on Amazon: All you need is the essential blue shirt and of course the khaki pants.

Among Us

Photo: Reddit

You won’t be able to tell who the “Imposter” is when dressing up as one of the Among Us characters. This party game turned popular by the various You Tube streamed videos of people playing both live and in groups. It may be fun to dress up as Among Us while playing Among Us… no?

Get it on Amazon: Choose a colour and be Among Us, or get one for each of your friends to form a crew.

Bernie Sanders Mittens Meme

You cannot go the year without talking about the classic Bernie Sanders pose of him sitting in a chair during the US Inauguration of Joe Biden. His outfit at the event made memes across the world and people will definitely be out to be like Bernie this Halloween.

Get it on Amazon: You can channel your inner Bernie through makeup or simply getting the Bernie Sanders mask along with some brown knit mittens. Finish off the look with a gray winter coat, black pants and folding chair.

Jeff Bezos in Space

2021 Halloween Costume

Photo: Blue Origin

One of the headlines this year has to include Billionaire Jeff Bezos making a journey into space on his rocket shit New Shepard. The ship has the biggest windows flown in space and captured amazing views of planet Earth. His unique astronaut look is something that was trending just as much as the space travel.

Get it on Amazon: Dress up as Bezoss or one o fhis crew members and pretend to be in space. To make it extra distinct, you can also get a cowboy hat for the extra touch.


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